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133 Jenna Altman: How to Align Your Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement to Your Unique Body and Values

Jenna Altman: How to Align Your Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement to Your Unique Body and Values

Jenna Altman is a health and fitness coach and the CEO and Head Coach at Harvest Coaching. She is also the host of the Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement podcast. Jenna’s mission is to help active women find a healthy lifestyle that they can consistently... Read More

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They Said it Best:

This podcast feels like I have a circle of friends who are all experts in a particular area of my life! It's welcoming, relatable, and helpful.


Sass is warm, open, articulate, and honest. She does not hold back on her thoughts and experiences with motherhood. A pleasure to listen to.


The conversations are serious in nature but the laughter and camaraderie is what keeps me coming back!


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Mary Beth Somich: Do You Have a Monster-in-Law or is it Enmeshment? Tips for Setting Healthy Familial Boundaries

Mary Beth Somich is a licensed therapist with a group private practice located in North Carolina called Your Journey Through. She specializes in family dynamic work and is passionate about promoting modern mental health and making therapy accessible and... Read More

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Lindsey Kaszuba: Quiet Your Mind and Let Your Body Do Its Job

Lindsey Kaszuba is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Founder of Lindsey Kaszuba Health, and Creator of Health Club Collective. Lindsey guides her clients and members in creating healthy habits in the most simple way so they can feel great today and... Read More

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Dr. Shannon Davis: “There is No Normal”: Coping with Sensory Overload, Childhood Mobility, and Developmental Challenges

Dr. Shannon Davis is a physical therapist, Certified Autism Specialist, CEO of Inspiration Physical Therapy Inc. She is also the CEO of InspiraSpark, where she developed and patented products called the Little Balance Box, a push toy and activity table... Read More

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Lauren Dorman: Why Diets Don’t Work (It’s Not Your Fault)

Lauren Dorman is a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist, speaker, and advocate with 20 years of experience working with children and adults with disordered eating, emotional eating, body image, self-esteem, and eating disorders. Her mission is to... Read More

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