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182 Amber de la Garza: The Power of Prioritization: Reimagining Productivity and Embracing Balance

Amber de la Garza: The Power of Prioritization: Reimagining Productivity and Embracing Balance

Today With Amber De La Garza: What do you think of when you hear the word productivity? For me, my mind jumps to doing more. Getting things done. Checking off a list. Growing the business, making money—all the things. And if I’m being honest, the... Read More

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This podcast feels like I have a circle of friends who are all experts in a particular area of my life! It's welcoming, relatable, and helpful.


Sass is warm, open, articulate, and honest. She does not hold back on her thoughts and experiences with motherhood. A pleasure to listen to.


The conversations are serious in nature but the laughter and camaraderie is what keeps me coming back!


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Sandra Funk: A Million Dollar Mindset for Setting Boundaries and Standing in Your Space

Today With Sandra Funk: Today I am joined by Sandra Funk, founder and CEO of the boutique interior design firm, House of Funk. Sandra is also an interior design business strategist. Sandra coined the phrase “stand in your space.” I wanted to have... Read More

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Jude Charles: Breaking the Silence: Overcoming Burnout and Embracing Wellness

Today With Jude Charles: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Jude Charles, a storyteller, filmmaker, and brand strategist working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Jude is an expert in his field and works his magic by pulling back the curtain to tell... Read More

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Nancy Ganzekaufer: The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Navigating Conflicting Messages About Money

Today With Nancy Ganzekaufer: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Nancy Ganzekaufer, a mom, entrepreneur, body language trainer, and business and life coach. Nancy is sharing her insightful perspectives and down-to-earth wisdom to help us better understand... Read More

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Eileen Hahn: Unlocking Your Joy: Strategies for Personal and Professional Fulfillment

Today With Eileen Hahn: Burnout. If we’re not experiencing it as moms, we’re experiencing it at work or as entrepreneurs. It feels like modern motherhood and burnout just go hand in hand. But what if we can learn how to pivot, welcome more happiness,... Read More

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