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The Intangible

I believe in manifestation , astrology, and the mind/body connection. It fascinates me to learn about my innate capabilities and their connection to my day-to-day.

Episode #95

Christie Rocha: The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough

In this solo show, I am reflecting on my interview with Tara Brunet on episode 94. So much has happened and changed on this now year long body image and food freedom journey. I share how my biggest takeaway... Read More

Episode #94

Tara Brunet: How to Manifest Your Dream Body

Tara Brunet is a Manifestation Expert & Course Creator here to guide us into our next level life. Tara believes we can have, do, and be absolutely ANYTHING we want...with the correct mindset. She teaches... Read More

Episode #79

Christie Rocha: Drowning in Limited Beliefs

Today’s solo episode is about a new course I’m taking called Manifesting Dream Body by Tara Brunet. I talk about how limited my belief system has become in adulthood and how this course is helping... Read More

Episode #74

Adriana Keefe: How to Manifest What You Want and Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Adriana Keefe is an award-winning real estate dropout turned Life and Manifestation Coach who teaches entrepreneurs how to retrain their brain to build confidence and quit the hustle mentality. She is... Read More

Episode #71

Keila Dolle: Step-by-Step Grounding and Meditation Practices for Anxiety and Childhood Trauma

Keila Dolle is an actress, filmmaker, comedian, and podcast host. Keila’s mission is to create projects that have a social impact. Keila is a fixture in the LA comedy scene - she hosted and produced... Read More

Episode #68

Amy Green Smith: How to Set Boundaries with Family from a Religious Trauma Survivor

Amy Green Smith is a certified and credentialed life coach and hypnotherapist, masterful speaker, and courageous communication expert. With acute focus on helping people “find their voice”, Amy uses... Read More

Episode #67

Kaitlin Cuevas: 5 Habits for Happiness and Putting an End to Wasted Time

Kaitlin Cuevas is the owner and founder of Think Happy, Co, a podcast, coaching services, and a book! Kaitlin believes that YOU are in the driver’s seat of your own life. Kaitlin walks me through Think... Read More

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