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We have to get REAL with pregnant women about what to expect physically and mentally. And maybe save ourselves from weeks of depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, and isolation.

Episode #56

Sarah Bilger: The Mental and Emotional Implications of Labor, Delivery, and Birth Trauma

Sarah Bilger is a certified postpartum nutritional coach, mechanical engineer, host of the Entering Motherhood podcast, and a mom of 2. We discuss her traumatic birth experience and her postpartum mental... Read More

Episode #50

Dr. Alli Cain: Why Postpartum Rehab is Vital for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Dr. Alli Cain is a chiropractor and the founder of GrowCo. GrowCo is a postpartum rehabilitation program and community, focused on preventing, reducing, and/or resolving symptoms women have been made to... Read More

Episode #26

Christie Rocha: Self-Care with S.A.S.S. – Pregnancy & Body

This is the second episode in my 4-part self-care solo series and it’s all about my pregnancies and body image journey. I am of course sharing just how both have been major factors in my mental health... Read More

Episode #17

Jenna Overbaugh: How, Why, and What to Do When OCD Shows Up in Motherhood

Today I’m joined by Jenna Overbaugh, licensed professional counselor, certified personal trainer, and mom. Jenna’s speciality is in treating OCD and anxiety, educating her clients and giving them the... Read More

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