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We have to get REAL with pregnant women about what to expect physically and mentally. And maybe save ourselves from weeks of depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, and isolation.

Episode #157

Dr. Nicole Rankins: Empowering Advice for Expectant Parents: Prioritizing Mental Health During Pregnancy and Delivery

Have you ever wondered how doctors cope with the emotional toll of delivering babies, especially in traumatic situations? In this podcast, OB-GYN Dr. Nicole Rankins shares her experiences and advice for... Read More

Episode #105

Ashley Rodrigues: Identity Loss, Miscarriage, Healthcare Challenges, and More Pregnancy Stuff No One Tells You

Ashley Rodrigues is a Perinatal Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in Denver, Colorado. Ashley is an educator, speaker, and licensed therapist who believes growth is... Read More

Episode #101

Can Partners Get Postnatal Depression? What Causes It, What to Look For, and How to Help

Dr. Cassidy Freitas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and mom to three. She has a virtual private practice in California where she offers therapy to parents navigating fertility, pregnancy, postpartum... Read More

Episode #90

Meredith Huck: It’s Ok to Not Be Ok: What Happens When a Self-Proclaimed “Doaholic” Becomes a Mom

Meredith Huck is a mom of 2, owner of her own interior design firm called House of Huck, and a born Jersey girl now living in Coastal Connecticut with her husband and kids. Meredith is also a licensed... Read More

Episode #89

Annia Palacios: It’s Not Just You: Why This Therapist Didn’t Know She Needed Therapy

Annia Palacios is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Tightrope Therapy, an online therapy and coaching practice dedicated to helping moms find balance in life and motherhood. Annia combines... Read More

Episode #75

Jessi Shuraleff: “Are you happy?” The Story of How Her Life Changed Forever

Jessi Shuraleff is an effective storyteller, podcast host, former Google exec, and passionate leader. Her passion is working with female leaders & women-led businesses, helping them develop their voice... Read More

Episode #66

Lina Forrestal: A New Mamas Story of Postpartum Anxiety, Body Image, and Inner Child Wounds

Lina Forrestal is a globetrotter turned mama, hobby farmer, motherhood blogger, and host of the New Mamas podcast. The New Mamas podcast is a space created to give first time moms a voice and to have honest... Read More

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