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We have to get REAL with pregnant women about what to expect physically and mentally. And maybe save ourselves from weeks of depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, and isolation.

Episode #164

Christie Rocha: Depression, Anxiety, and Motherhood: Exploring the Emotional Toll of the Pandemic

In this solo episode, I reflect on the impact of the pandemic on mothers, sharing my own experience and struggles. I share my thoughts and reflections on the previous episode with Danielle Smith, including... Read More

Episode #163

Danielle Smith: Supporting New Moms: Understanding the Impact of Perinatal Mental Health and the Journey to Healing

Danielle Smith, a licensed mental health therapist and certified perinatal professional, is on the show today. We discuss Danielle's journey into the mental health field, her personal experience as a new... Read More

Episode #162

Christie Rocha: Motherhood Unfiltered: Expecting the Unexpected and the Advice I Wish I Received

In this solo episode, I reflect on my experiences and challenges of motherhood, pregnancy, and mental health. I discuss the changes that occur in a relationship after having children, the pressure to "bounce... Read More

Episode #161

Melissa Fairhurst: The Reality of Motherhood: Navigating Mental Health and Cultivating a Supportive Network

In this podcast episode, Melissa Fairhurst, a therapist specializing in maternal mental health, shares her journey towards becoming a therapist and her passion for helping others. She discusses her background,... Read More

Episode #160

Christie Rocha: Connecting with My Higher Self: Revelations from Oracle Decks and Intuitive Insights

In this solo show, I share my reflections on the previous episode with Kristine McGlinchey, discussing motherhood, pregnancy, and mental health. I talk about my experiences with intuitive mentors and readings,... Read More

Episode #159

Kristine McGlinchey: Awakening the Intuitive Mother: Nurturing Inner Guidance, Navigating Challenges, and Cultivating Fulfillment

Are you struggling to conceive the life of your dreams? Do you feel blocked by limiting beliefs and societal pressures? In this podcast, intuitive teacher and energy healer Kristine McGlinchey shares her... Read More

Episode #158

Christie Rocha: Empowered Birth: Embracing the Unpredictable with Confidence and Inner Peace

Join me as I share my personal journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and the power of trust and self-awareness. While childbirth brought anxiety, it was a healthy angst. I emphasize the importance of self-reflection... Read More

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