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No one told me that being a parent was really about parenting myself, healing old wounds, and thinking “OMFG” at least once a day.

Episode #09

Jax Anderson: The Psyko Therapist & TikTok Mom on Tweens, Teens, and Therapy

Today I’m joined by Jax Anderson, a licensed professional counselor and creator/owner of the brand The Psyko Therapist. Jax is a Disrupter, disrupting the status quo, offering alternative perspectives,... Read More

Episode #05

Linda Fruits: Postpartum Anxiety, Second Baby Magic, and Normalizing Motherhood

Today I’m joined by Linda Fruits, creator of the very popular blog and Instagram account Fruits of Motherhood and the Fruits of Motherhood podcast. Linda is also a creative entrepreneur with an Etsy... Read More

Episode #03

Tara Clark: Heartfelt Advice from the Creator of an Online Village for Modern Moms

Today I’m joined by Tara Clark, creator of Instagram’s @modernmomprobs and author of the book Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers. Tara and I talk about a little bit of everything:... Read More

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