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No one told me that being a parent was really about parenting myself, healing old wounds, and thinking “OMFG” at least once a day.

Episode #39

Dr. Kim Van Dusen: Parenting with a Therapeutic Twist, Hybrid Parenting, and Play Therapy

Dr. Kim Van Dusen is a LMFT, a Registered Play Therapist, University Professor, Public Conference Speaker, Blogger, and currently works part-time in private practice and also for a clinic that serves families... Read More

Episode #37

Brooke Randolph: Adoption: An Overview of the History, Process and Mental Health Implications

My guest is Brooke Randolph, licensed mental health counselor and founder and director of Counseling at The Green House, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her specialties are Adoption Therapy & developmental... Read More

Episode #32

Alanna McGinn: Consistency is Key to Sleep Health for the Entire Family

Today I’m joined by Alanna McGinn, Founder and Certified Sleep Expert of Good Night Sleep Site, a global sleep consulting practice. Alanna serves on the faculty of The Family Sleep Institute and is host... Read More

Episode #28

Christie Rocha: Self-Care with S.A.S.S. – Marriage & Parenting

This is the third episode in my 4-part self-care solo series and it’s all about how my marriage and parenting approach has been impacted by my mental health. I am also sharing how both areas of my life... Read More

Episode #20

Diana Simon: Navigating Motherhood, Marriage & Career with an ADHD Diagnosis

Today I’m joined by Diana Simon, mom, wife, content creator, marketing expert and my friend. Diana is the Marketing Coordinator at Luann Nigara Inc, the company this podcast is produced by. Diana and... Read More

Episode #15

Vanessa De Jesus Guzman: How to Implement Mindfulness in Parenting and Your Daily Life

Today I’m joined by Vanessa De Jesus Guzman, a former teacher, educator, licensed counselor and mom. Vanessa offers individual and group counseling, parent coaching and more. Her clients learn mindful... Read More

Episode #14

Renee Reina: Self-Reflection and Authenticity in Motherhood and Beyond

Today I’m joined by Renee Reina, podcaster, TikToker, mom, and truth-teller. Renee finished her PhD in psychology in March 2020, just days before the COVID-19 quarantine started. While in quarantine,... Read More

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