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No one told me that being a parent was really about parenting myself, healing old wounds, and thinking “OMFG” at least once a day.

Episode #174

Jenna Hermans: Finding Calm in the Chaos: A Guide to Navigating the Ups and Downs of Parenting and Daily Life

Jenna Hermans, known as the "queen of calm," talks about the importance of calmness and chaos in parenting and daily life. We discuss how calmness is subjective and define it as a state of the nervous... Read More

Episode #167

Jamie Scrimgeour: Empowering Kick-Ass Stepmoms: Personal Development for Stronger Families

In this podcast episode, I’m joined by Jamie Scrimgeour, a stepmom and host of The Kick Ass Stepmom Podcast. We discuss Jamie's journey as a stepmom and the lessons that can be applied to relationships... Read More

Episode #166

Gina Gersh: From Worries to Zzz’s: Supporting New Moms through Sleep Anxiety & Beyond

In this podcast episode, Gina Gersh, a sleep consultant and mother of four, discusses various topics related to sleep issues and parenting with the assistant. They talk about the upcoming time change and... Read More

Episode #165

Wendy Snyder: Emotional Resilience in Parenting: Nurturing Strong-Willed Children with Empathy

In this podcast episode, Wendy Snyder, a positive parenting educator and family life coach, discusses her perspective on the Nashville school shooting and how to cope with fear and anger in the community.... Read More

Episode #138

Beatrice Tokayer: Creating Sensory-Inclusive Spaces for Neurodivergent Children

Beatrice Tokayer is an interior designer, founder of BRT Interior Design, and mom of 3. Her own son’s sensory needs fueled her curiosity and passion for designing spaces that help children live happier,... Read More

Episode #135

Abbey Williams: Walking Through Fire: Cycle-Breaking, Estrangement, and Co-Parenting Support for Moms

Abbey Williams is a behavioral health therapist, Founder of You, The Mother, Coach, and mother of 4. For 10 years, Abbey has provided direct clinical services to families as well as write and speak about... Read More

Episode #130

Dr. Shannon Davis: “There is No Normal”: Coping with Sensory Overload, Childhood Mobility, and Developmental Challenges

Dr. Shannon Davis is a physical therapist, Certified Autism Specialist, CEO of Inspiration Physical Therapy Inc. She is also the CEO of InspiraSpark, where she developed and patented products called the... Read More

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