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Body positivity is a phrase that haunts me. I’m at a crossroads: How do I love the body I’m in, this human-creating, aging, human jungle-gym of a body but also “take care of myself”?

Episode #23

Dr. Alex Golden: Autonomy of Mind, Body, & Soul with the Co-Founder of Zesty Ginger

Today I’m joined by Dr. Alex Golden, functional MD and co-founder of Zesty Ginger. Dr. Alex and Megan Blacksmith, NP, are best friends and business partners known for combining functional medicine and... Read More

Episode #16

Dr. Alexis Conason: Dismantling Diet Culture with the Author of The Diet Free Revolution

Today I’m joined by Dr. Alexis Conason, clinical psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist-supervisor in private practice in New York City. Dr. Conason is the founder of The Anti-Diet Plan,... Read More

Episode #04

Erin Washington: Finding Balance through Fitness, Nutrition, & Therapy

Today I’m joined by Erin Washington, creator of the Squats and Margaritas blog and Instagram account, the Squats and Margaritas podcast, and author of Squats and Margaritas-a Journey to Finding Balance.... Read More

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