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Body positivity is a phrase that haunts me. I’m at a crossroads: How do I love the body I’m in, this human-creating, aging, human jungle-gym of a body but also “take care of myself”?

Episode #95

Christie Rocha: The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough

In this solo show, I am reflecting on my interview with Tara Brunet on episode 94. So much has happened and changed on this now year long body image and food freedom journey. I share how my biggest takeaway... Read More

Episode #94

Tara Brunet: How to Manifest Your Dream Body

Tara Brunet is a Manifestation Expert & Course Creator here to guide us into our next level life. Tara believes we can have, do, and be absolutely ANYTHING we want...with the correct mindset. She teaches... Read More

Episode #87

Dr. Cassandra Lenza: Body Image IRL: How to Navigate the World with Body Image and Eating Disorders

Dr. Cassandra Lenza is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of Healing on Hudson LLC, a growing network of specialized therapists in New Jersey. She specializes in anxiety, balancing life transitions,... Read More

Episode #86

Christie Rocha: Sober Curious…Maybe.

In this solo episode I am sharing a bit about my history with alcohol and how over the last few months I’ve contemplated quitting altogether. I’ll explain why, what I did and am currently doing to... Read More

Episode #83

Christie Rocha: My Therapist Tells Me This is Progress

On today’s solo show I am sharing a life update on how I ended up with a weekend home alone…no kids, no husband, and while it was glorious, it came about in a not so glorious way. I am sharing the... Read More

Episode #81

Stacy & Markus Naugle: How to Feed Your Brain and Improve Your Mental Health Through Your Gut

Stacy and Markus Naugle are high-performance health consultants who utilize potent diet and lifestyle enhancements to help excellence-driven people generate the vitality necessary to fuel sustained success... Read More

Episode #79

Christie Rocha: Drowning in Limited Beliefs

Today’s solo episode is about a new course I’m taking called Manifesting Dream Body by Tara Brunet. I talk about how limited my belief system has become in adulthood and how this course is helping... Read More

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