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I actually Googled, “How to find my purpose...” That didn’t help but guess what did? Therapy. Therapy helped me fine tune the idea, get a nanny, and start.

Episode #30

Christie Rocha: Self-Care with S.A.S.S. – Ambition & the Intangible

Today is the fourth and final installment of the Self-Care with S.A.S.S. solo series. I’m taking you through my journey from college to corporate America to working from home for the family business.... Read More

Episode #12

Christine Michel Carter: Storytelling, Single Motherhood, and Mental Health

Today I’m joined by Christine Michel Carter, the #1 global voice for working moms. Christine is a bestselling author, consumer marketing expert, the senior contributor to ForbesWomen, and a mommy to... Read More

Episode #08

Elissa Weinzimmer: How to Find Your Voice, Speak Authentically and Why It Matters

Today I’m joined by Elissa Weinzimmer, an award-winning vocal health educator, presence coach, and the founder of Voice Body Connection. After suddenly losing her own voice at age 21, Elissa began studying... Read More

Episode #06

Ingrid Read: Networking, Support, and Activism for the Working Momkind

Today I’m joined by Ingrid Read, the Founder of Working Momkind. Working Momkind is a community on a mission to empower, showcase and support the hard work and talents of moms around the world. Ingrid... Read More

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