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I actually Googled, “How to find my purpose...” That didn’t help but guess what did? Therapy. Therapy helped me fine tune the idea, get a nanny, and start.

Episode #146

Christie Rocha: Claiming My Power: Unleashing Potential and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

On this solo show I am sharing my experience with cultivating my inner knowing, creating what I need, navigating hard seasons, and the mindset shifts that have come since starting the productivity, ambition,... Read More

Episode #145

Dani Kenney: The Success Mindset: Cultivating an Inner Knowing and Creating Momentum for Female Entrepreneurs

Dani Kenney is an International Life & Business Coach, Speaker and Certified Practitioner of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, TIME Techniques and Clinical Hypnotherapy.... Read More

Episode #144

Christie Rocha: I’m Ditching the Drama: Simplifying Business Growth with a CEO Mindset

On this solo show I am sharing my reflections on my conversation in episode 143 with Holly Marie Haynes. I am also sharing my learnings from Holly’s Free 5-Day CEO Week and her free podcast series on... Read More

Episode #143

Holly Marie Haynes: Simplify and Scale: The Secrets to Building a Successful Business in 8-10 Hours A Week

Holly Haynes helps female entrepreneurs create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures without relying on the social algorithm. An industry expert and featured Thrive and Read More

Episode #142

Christie Rocha: Breaking the Myth of Always: My Experience with Time Management Mastery

On this solo show I am sharing the mindset shifts I’m learning to make when it comes to time management, routine-building, and habits. These reflections are based on my interview on the previous episode... Read More

Episode #141

Sade Kelly: Time Management Mastery: Design Your Life and Redefine Consistency

Sade is the CEO & Founder of The Fire Inside, a time management coaching and content creation services company. As a Time Management Coach, she helps ambitious 9-5ers, side-hustlers, and full-time... Read More

Episode #140

The Achiever: An Enneagram Type 3’s Reflections on Mental Health, Productivity, and Self-Awareness

On this solo show, I am sharing my reflections on being an Enneagram Type 3. I share what I’ve learned about my motives and core strategies for getting through life and how I've come to question which... Read More

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