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124 Christie Rocha: Self-Development Means Constantly Asking “BUT HOW?”

On this solo show I am sharing my continued thoughts on self-development and what I’ve learned over the course of my multiple year long journey. I connect my learnings to and reflect on my latest read, Your Brain is Always Listening: Tame the Hidden Dragons That Control Your Happiness, Habits, and Hang-Ups by Dr. Daniel […]

123 Michelle Tangeman: How to Set the Foundation for Emotional Intelligence in Toddlerhood

Michelle Tangeman is a child and family therapist, creator of Thriving Toddler, co-host of the Parenting Understood podcast, and a mom of 2! Michelle has extensive experience in individualized behavior intervention, Functional Behavior Assessments, school-based services, family-focused intervention, early start services, and social skills training and has provided these services to families across Ventura and […]

122 Christie Rocha: My NEW Definition of Self-Care

On this solo show I am reflecting on an episode I published one year ago about self-care and how my definition of self-care has changed over the last year. I also share the details on my self-care challenge to help us kick off the New Year taking care of ourselves! Links: Christie’s Website Christie’s Instagram: […]

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