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Episode #91

Dr. Alissa Silverman: Never Underestimate the Power of One: Voting, Mental Health, and the Impact on Our Kids

Dr. Alissa Silverman is a mom of 3, psychologist, and the founder of Silver Linings Psych in Philadelphia, PA. Alissa and her daughter are working on a project together that stemmed from her daughter’s... Read More

Episode #90

Meredith Huck: It’s Ok to Not Be Ok: What Happens When a Self-Proclaimed “Doaholic” Becomes a Mom

Meredith Huck is a mom of 2, owner of her own interior design firm called House of Huck, and a born Jersey girl now living in Coastal Connecticut with her husband and kids. Meredith is also a licensed... Read More

Episode #89

Annia Palacios: It’s Not Just You: Why This Therapist Didn’t Know She Needed Therapy

Annia Palacios is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Tightrope Therapy, an online therapy and coaching practice dedicated to helping moms find balance in life and motherhood. Annia combines... Read More

Episode #88

Christie Rocha: Happy Birthday, Sass Says Podcast!

On today's solo show I am celebrating 1 year of the Sass Says podcast!! I'm sharing a personal story that involves a Taylor Swift concert, what I hope you've learned this past year from me and my guests,... Read More

Episode #87

Dr. Cassandra Lenza: Body Image IRL: How to Navigate the World with Body Image and Eating Disorders

Dr. Cassandra Lenza is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of Healing on Hudson LLC, a growing network of specialized therapists in New Jersey. She specializes in anxiety, balancing life transitions,... Read More

Episode #86

Christie Rocha: Sober Curious…Maybe.

In this solo episode I am sharing a bit about my history with alcohol and how over the last few months I’ve contemplated quitting altogether. I’ll explain why, what I did and am currently doing to... Read More

Episode #85

Sunni VonMutius: Can You Codify Support Through a Depressive Episode? Here’s How!

Sunni VonMutius is an Intuitive Strategist and founder of Wildflower Strategy. She is masterful at helping analytically minded people integrate spirituality into their daily lives and businesses. Sunni... Read More

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