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Episode #21

Dr. Vanessa Freeman: Get Comfortable with Uncertainty…in Life, Therapy, Higher Ed, and More!

Today I’m joined by Dr. Vanessa Freeman, the founder of Searching for Self Therapy and Consulting. Dr. V believes that therapy has the power to help individuals unlock, access, and reconnect to their... Read More

Episode #20

Diana Simon: Navigating Motherhood, Marriage & Career with an ADHD Diagnosis

Today I’m joined by Diana Simon, mom, wife, content creator, marketing expert and my friend. Diana is the Marketing Coordinator at Luann Nigara Inc, the company this podcast is produced by. Diana and... Read More

Episode #19

Dr. Ilene Cohen: Recognizing People-Pleasing Tendencies and How to Heal

Today I’m joined by Dr. Ilene Cohen, psychotherapist, author, and mother of two. She is one of the most respected voices in the psychology of people-pleasing and navigating the difficulty of living an... Read More

Episode #18

Shaylyn Forte: Therapy: Who it is For, How it is Helpful, and Why You Should Care

Today I’m joined by Shaylyn Forte, a LPC in Philadelphia. Shaylyn’s clinical experience includes working with clients who have anxiety, depression, low self esteem, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia,... Read More

Episode #17

Jenna Overbaugh: How, Why, and What to Do When OCD Shows Up in Motherhood

Today I’m joined by Jenna Overbaugh, licensed professional counselor, certified personal trainer, and mom. Jenna’s speciality is in treating OCD and anxiety, educating her clients and giving them the... Read More

Episode #16

Dr. Alexis Conason: Dismantling Diet Culture with the Author of The Diet Free Revolution

Today I’m joined by Dr. Alexis Conason, clinical psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist-supervisor in private practice in New York City. Dr. Conason is the founder of The Anti-Diet Plan,... Read More

Episode #15

Vanessa De Jesus Guzman: How to Implement Mindfulness in Parenting and Your Daily Life

Today I’m joined by Vanessa De Jesus Guzman, a former teacher, educator, licensed counselor and mom. Vanessa offers individual and group counseling, parent coaching and more. Her clients learn mindful... Read More

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