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Episode #126

Christie Rocha: The Eye Doctor Told Me I Need to Heal My Body….and Other Life Revelations

On this solo show I am sharing the two planners I am using to help me with my goals and wellness. I am also sharing the most recent bout of sickness to come through our house and what it’s taught me... Read More

Episode #125

Meredith Masony: Content Creator Queens Don’t Gatekeep…Life Lessons from a 9 Year Veteran

Meredith Masony is the founder of That's Inappropriate, an online parenting community with over four million followers across social platforms, where members can talk about the parenting experiences they... Read More

Episode #124

Christie Rocha: Self-Development Means Constantly Asking “BUT HOW?”

On this solo show I am sharing my continued thoughts on self-development and what I’ve learned over the course of my multiple year long journey. I connect my learnings to and reflect on my latest read,... Read More

Episode #123

Michelle Tangeman: How to Set the Foundation for Emotional Intelligence in Toddlerhood

Michelle Tangeman is a child and family therapist, creator of Thriving Toddler, co-host of the Parenting Understood podcast, and a mom of 2! Michelle has extensive experience in individualized behavior... Read More

Episode #122

Christie Rocha: My NEW Definition of Self-Care

On this solo show I am reflecting on an episode I published one year ago about self-care and how my definition of self-care has changed over the last year. I also share the details on my self-care challenge... Read More

Episode #121

Lindsay Fleming: An OG TikTok Therapist on the Blessing and the Curse of Social Media for Us and Our Kids

Lindsay Fleming is a therapist specializing in children, teens, and young adults with a focus on anxiety and ADHD. In addition to being a therapist, Lindsay is a mental health advocate with a research-based... Read More

Episode #120

Taran Conwell: Is Parenthood Too Much for Two People? How to Affordably Get Help and Carve Out More Me Time

Taran Conwell is the host of The Undomestic Mom Podcast and an encourager of free-time! She helps millennial moms look into all facets of motherhood and the hurdles it presents to our self-care. Taran... Read More

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