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Episode #77

Sara Lynn Brennan: Building “Casual Confidence” and Getting Comfortable in Chaos

Sara Lynn Brennan is an award winning Entrepreneur, CEO and Principal Interior Designer at Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, the first and only full-service interior design firm in Waxhaw, North Carolina who... Read More

Episode #76

Jessica Gershman: Zen-ish Thoughts on Sexual Trauma, Disordered Eating, and How She’s Breaking the Cycle

Jessica Gershman is the voice behind The Zen-ish Mommy podcast as well as a passionate believer in the power of self care. Through her work as a certified yoga instructor, an accomplished home chef, and... Read More

Episode #75

Jessi Shuraleff: “Are you happy?” The Story of How Her Life Changed Forever

Jessi Shuraleff is an effective storyteller, podcast host, former Google exec, and passionate leader. Her passion is working with female leaders & women-led businesses, helping them develop their voice... Read More

Episode #74

Adriana Keefe: How to Manifest What You Want and Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Adriana Keefe is an award-winning real estate dropout turned Life and Manifestation Coach who teaches entrepreneurs how to retrain their brain to build confidence and quit the hustle mentality. She is... Read More

Episode #73

Christie Rocha: A Personal Mental Health Update

I’m coming to you solo today to share the current state of my mental health. Here’s a hint….I’m visiting Struggle City. I share what’s going on and why I’ve been feeling down and out. I’m... Read More

Episode #72

Amanda Young: Turn Your Mental Health Disorders into Your Superpowers: A Journey of Self-Acceptance

Amanda Young is a Mental Health Advocate, Author and Podcast Host whose personal mission is to help eliminate the stigma of brain illnesses by educating people on what depression, anxiety, posttraumatic... Read More

Episode #71

Keila Dolle: Step-by-Step Grounding and Meditation Practices for Anxiety and Childhood Trauma

Keila Dolle is an actress, filmmaker, comedian, and podcast host. Keila’s mission is to create projects that have a social impact. Keila is a fixture in the LA comedy scene - she hosted and produced... Read More

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