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Episode #42

Leeor Gal: Relationship Advice, Anxiety, TikTok, and Therapists are Human Too

Leeor Gal is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Philadelphia, PA. You may know her from Tiktok and Instagram as The Therapy Gal, where she is unapologetically her goofy self while simultaneously... Read More

Episode #41

Amber Benziger: How to Cope with Anxiety and Set Realistic Expectations Around Self-Care

Amber Benziger is an LPC and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Amber’s private practice, Vitality Behavioral Health is located in NJ. She is also the founder of The Anxiety Lab, a group coaching... Read More

Episode #40

Michelle Dempsey-Multack: Moms Moving On, Divorce Mindset, Stepmotherhood, and Anxiety

Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a Certified Life Coach and a National Association of Divorce Professionals’ Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS). Michelle is a writer, coach, speaker, and creator/founder of... Read More

Episode #39

Dr. Kim Van Dusen: Parenting with a Therapeutic Twist, Hybrid Parenting, and Play Therapy

Dr. Kim Van Dusen is a LMFT, a Registered Play Therapist, University Professor, Public Conference Speaker, Blogger, and currently works part-time in private practice and also for a clinic that serves families... Read More

Episode #38

Erica Drewry: How to Align Nutrition with Your Life

Today I’m joined by Erica Drewry, a dietitian dedicated to teaching you how to worry less about food and be more present with things that matter in your life. With over 10 years of experience, Erica... Read More

Episode #37

Brooke Randolph: Adoption: An Overview of the History, Process and Mental Health Implications

My guest is Brooke Randolph, licensed mental health counselor and founder and director of Counseling at The Green House, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her specialties are Adoption Therapy & developmental... Read More

Episode #36

Dr. Timmesha Butler: A Call for Greater Empathy, Diversity, and Advocacy in Education

My guest today is Dr. Timmesha Butler, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Assistant Professor at Ramapo College of New Jersey, and provides psychotherapy in New Jersey and Virginia. Dr. B shares with me... Read More

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