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Episode #119

Dr. Samara Toussaint: Bridging the Gap Between Religion and Mental Health

Dr. Samara Toussaint is an experienced School Psychologist and founder of Path2Growth Counseling Services. She is skilled in Crisis Intervention, Psychological Assessment, Applied Behavior Analysis, Interventions,... Read More

Episode #118

Christie Rocha: Quality Over Quantity

My last two solo shows have talked about the stress of the holidays, the end of the year, and the endless rounds of sickness going around my house. One episode talked about how I’ve learned to better... Read More

Episode #117

Christie Rocha: The Holidays and Motherhood is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

On this solo show I am airing some grievances with motherhood and the pressure and overwhelm of the holiday season. I reflect on aspects of my Thanksgiving weekend as well as how difficult the transition... Read More

Episode #116

Christie Rocha: How to Cope with Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Do the holidays get you stressed? Yeah, me too. On this solo show I am sharing some of the strategies I’ve learned over the last few years to better cope.  Links: Christie’s Website Christie’s... Read More

Episode #115

Arianna Bradford: ADHD and Productivity: Work WITH Your Brain Instead of Against It

Arianna Bradford is an ADHD Productivity Coach, writer, and speaker whose focus is helping people better understand their brains through productivity. After her own diagnosis of ADHD in 2021, she’s made... Read More

Episode #114

Dr. Juliana Hauser: The Key Skills to Unlocking Your Sexual Agency, Holistic Sexuality, and Self-Discovery

Dr. Juliana Hauser is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a counselor with a Ph.D. in counseling education. For 20 years, she’s worked with clients to help them manage relationships, sexuality,... Read More

Episode #113

Christie Rocha: How to Support a Loved One Struggling with Mental Health

In this solo episode I am sharing my advice on how to support a loved one struggling with mental health. I am sharing from my perspective as someone who occasionally struggles with anxiety and depression... Read More

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