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Episode #182

Amber de la Garza: The Power of Prioritization: Reimagining Productivity and Embracing Balance

Today With Amber De La Garza: What do you think of when you hear the word productivity? For me, my mind jumps to doing more. Getting things done. Checking off a list. Growing the business, making money—all... Read More

Episode #181

Sandra Funk: A Million Dollar Mindset for Setting Boundaries and Standing in Your Space

Today With Sandra Funk: Today I am joined by Sandra Funk, founder and CEO of the boutique interior design firm, House of Funk. Sandra is also an interior design business strategist. Sandra coined the... Read More

Episode #180

Jude Charles: Breaking the Silence: Overcoming Burnout and Embracing Wellness

Today With Jude Charles: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Jude Charles, a storyteller, filmmaker, and brand strategist working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Jude is an expert in his field and works... Read More

Episode #179

Nancy Ganzekaufer: The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Navigating Conflicting Messages About Money

Today With Nancy Ganzekaufer: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Nancy Ganzekaufer, a mom, entrepreneur, body language trainer, and business and life coach. Nancy is sharing her insightful perspectives... Read More

Episode #178

Eileen Hahn: Unlocking Your Joy: Strategies for Personal and Professional Fulfillment

Today With Eileen Hahn: Burnout. If we’re not experiencing it as moms, we’re experiencing it at work or as entrepreneurs. It feels like modern motherhood and burnout just go hand in hand. But what... Read More

Episode #177

Katie McDonald: Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Self-Care

Today With Katie McDonald: Today on Sass Says I am joined by Katie McDonald, certified holistic health coach and the founder of b.nourished, a concierge coaching service for high achievers who take care... Read More

Episode #176

Amy Kartheiser: Under the Same Sky: A Nonprofit Providing Healing Conversations for Suicide Loss Survivors

Amy Kartheiser is the founder and principal designer of Amy Kartheiser Design and the founder of a nonprofit called "Under the Same Sky." On today’s episode, Amy opened up about her personal journey... Read More

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