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Sass Says Podcast: Guest Prep

The Goal

To normalize therapy and mental health. Let’s have an open and vulnerable conversation about what we struggle with, seeking help, and the benefits of both!

The Audience

Primarily millennial women. I’d like to help the woman I was before going to therapy; the woman who thought “this is just what marriage and motherhood are supposed to be like, right?”

The Format

The show is conversational so I will not follow a specific question format. I will look at your bio, collateral materials, and the answers to the questions below and develop questions unique to you. I simply ask that you are willing to share your story in detail.

This is NOT a live recording so we have the ability to pause, re-group, and edit if necessary 🙂

Our interview will be audio-only (unless otherwise specified), and will be held over Zoom. Some guests prefer to speak with the camera on, that is up to you, I am comfortable with or without. I will not use the video for anything once we are done talking.

The Requirement

Audio quality is important to me. I ask that you please use an external microphone rather than the built-in computer microphone. It does not have to be anything fancy. As an example, a headset with a mic like this one from Amazon works great! Note: If you are also a podcaster, whatever you have it great!

Schedule Your Interview

If you haven’t already, please use this link to schedule your interview. I block out 75 minutes for the appointment, assuming 15 minutes of pre-show conversation and 1 hour of interview time.

If you are a PR rep making an appointment for your client, please put your client’s name in the subject line.

Email Me the Following:

  • Your bio
  • Your headshot
  • Your press kit, if applicable
  • Relevant links to share on show notes: your website, social media handles, books, e-books, blog, anything applicable that you want shared

Prep Questions

I know there are a lot so answer as many as you see fit but please be prepared to answer these types of questions during our conversation. This will help me know exactly what you want to share with the audience and the value you and I can bring them together!

Post Recording

The day your show goes live you will receive an email with links and graphics to share. I would appreciate it if you would post your appearance on social media and tag me, write up a feature about your show with the link to the recording in a blog post and/or email newsletter, and please subscribe, rate and review the show!

Thank you so much again! If you have any questions, please email me at


By participating in the podcast, you agree and understand that I own the rights to the recording and will share and promote it through my channels at my discretion.

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