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Who is This Sass Chick?


I’m Christie Rocha, your mental-health obsessed podcast host.

A few things you should know about me:


“Sass” is a nickname.
Given to me by my high school friend turned college roommate for my no nonsense, animated, and attitude-filled style of speech and overall presence. I am that blunt, tell-it-like-it-is friend and lucky for you, we’re about to become best friends.


I’m always always always going to ask you and anyone on my show, “But how”?
I am OVER hearing “live your best life” without an explanation of how to actually make it happen. Make time for yourself…but how? Talk to your family about boundaries…but how? All the “but how” questions need answers!


Therapy is the best friend I didn’t know I needed.
Prior to going to therapy I didn’t understand that it was for me, a millennial mom with a seemingly “normal” and happy life. I had not experienced or suffered any great personal trauma and as far as I knew had no mental health issues. Well, that facade lasted about a month.

Christie Is / Christie Loves

  • Jersey Girl
    Jersey Girl
  • GeorgetownGraduate
  • Wife
  • Mom of 2
    Mom of 2
  • Tequilla
  • Trader Joe’s
    Trader Joe’s
  • Ben & Jerry’sDairy Free
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Dairy Free

Are you a therapist?
The short and most accurate answer is no. The longer answer is no BUT my husband thinks I should become one and I’ve dabbled with the idea. For now, I’m just fascinated by it all and want to learn as much as possible.

Do you see a therapist?
YES! I think everyone should see a therapist. I’ve worked with mine since 2019 and have loved the experience.

Why should I listen to you?
Because I’m just like you…when it comes to my kids, my marriage, my ambitions, my personal growth, and healing, I have questions. I struggle, I triumph, I care but I want to give up sometimes, and I ultimately want to be the best version of myself. I understand now that it’s a lifelong process that’s always evolving but the good news is that we’re in it together.

What can I expect from you?
You can expect me to always ask my guests, “Ok cool but how?” You can expect me to share the ups and downs of my story. You can expect this to be FUN! I like to laugh, I like to entertain so while the content can get heavy, I do my best to not take myself too seriously. You’ll hear me fumble my words a bit, ask the question a few different ways until I understand the answer fully, and to have our collective back.

Is this podcast a replacement for therapy?
Absolutely not. This podcast is meant to be informative and thought provoking but does not replace professional medical attention.

Why are you doing this show?
There are so many reasons: 1) I’m on the path of self-discovery and healing and found myself wondering, “BUT HOW??” to many of the strategies I come across. As I get those questions answered, I figured you might benefit from hearing the answers as well! 2) I work from home and have small children and need more adult interaction. 3) A personal sense of accomplishment and 4) I want to connect with you and support each other.

Was it difficult getting this podcast off the ground?
Big picture answer: Oh gosh yes. I spent years knowing that I had something to say in this world but didn’t know what it was. Through therapy, a handful of books, and other podcasts (check out my resource page), I finally saw the light on my path and found my voice.

Day to day answer: Oh gosh yes! Finding the time, energy, and bandwidth to do outreach, interview, edit, and create content usually while the kids nap and after they go to bed isn’t the easiest. I’m always tired. Now that it’s happening I’m so proud I pushed through and made it happen.

That all sounds great, how can I do it too?
For starters, listen to this podcast. I will organically take you through the “how’s” of my story and we’ll hear from other women who are just like us about how they pursue their dreams, simply survive the day, communicate their needs and so forth. We’ll also hear from experts in mental health and life coaching who will provide additional resources and practical strategies on how to do it all!

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