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The therapy sessions we didn’t know we needed.

I’m not a therapist, but I have one. And you should too.

Therapy is for everyone. Let’s let that sink in. I didn’t understand the immense power and value of it until I went. I struggled with self-care, self-help, and self-love, often wondering, “…but HOW do I do it?”

So to answer all of my “but how” questions, I’m putting therapists, mental health professionals, and women just like you and me in the hot seat.

Think of this podcast as the weekly therapy sessions you didn’t know you needed… with a dash of sass, a lot of realness, and me—relentlessly asking “But how?”

The ultimate resource if you’re tired of vague advice about self-care and real life.


If you’re constantly saying “But how??”, this will be your new favorite podcast.


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Marriage Listen Now

Aka the same argument over and over again, amiright? Therapy allows me to process my marriage through my own eyes...

Parenting Listen Now

No one told me that being a parent was really about parenting myself, healing old wounds, and thinking “OMFG” at least once a day…

Pregnancy Listen Now

We have to get REAL with pregnant women about what to expect physically and mentally. And maybe save ourselves from weeks…

Body Listen Now

Body positivity is a phrase that haunts me. I’m at a crossroads: How do I love the body I’m in, this human-creating, aging, human jungle-gym…

The Intangible Listen Now

I believe in manifestation , astrology, and the mind/body connection. It fascinates me to learn about my innate capabilities and their connection...

Ambition Listen Now

I actually Googled, “How to find my purpose...” That didn’t help but guess what did? Therapy. Therapy helped me fine-tune the idea...

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